Welcome to Ninjabi Studios! We have high-end gear, loads of creativity, good vibes, and the determination to get you that perfect shot – sprinkled with dad jokes y’all 90s kids love.

Our mission goes beyond catering to almost all your photography needs like the pros we are. We know how important it is to work with a photographer that makes you feel comfortable and confident, empowering you to put your best face forward and ditch intrusive thoughts like, “Oh, but I’m not a professional model, I don’t know how to pose” “That’s not my good angle,” or “What if they can see my acne?” As a wise modern philosopher (aka Black Panther) would say, we don’t do that here.

We’ve worked with enough people to learn by now that the perfect picture is taken at that moment when you’re your most unapologetic, authentic, and careless self – allowing your inner beauty to shine through and reflect on the outside.


About Ninjabi Studios

We are flexible as it gets. When we’re at the studio, we are happy to provide you with all the guidance you need to feel relaxed in front of the camera and channel your inner Halima Aden.

During your event, we’re sitting somewhere in the background flexing our ninja-worthy subtleness and pressing the camera button at the exact moment when you’re exchanging a loving glance with your SO, letting out a genuine laugh, or dancing your heart out. Let’s just say that as soon as we enter the room, a talking cat gives us a magical brooch and supervision that simply prevents us from overlooking anything.

Whether we’re talking wedding photos, birthdays, corporate events, or portrait sessions, you can rest assured that you’re in the best company, 100% devoted to getting you those fantastic photos you can show to your grandkids to prove you were a baddie.

We work best as a duo, and Abdullah is the best sidekick anyone could ask for – but we value your privacy and preference above everything else. If you’re planning a female-only event, Mediha will ensure that everything will be handled by women only from start to finish.

Hi, I am Mediha, the CEO of flawless photos at Ninjabi Studios, a comic artist, a Marketing enthusiast, and a bit of a tech guru. I am of Pakistani background and have been living in the US ever since the tender age of 5. I have a BFA and an MFA and am an artist overall.

As a 90s kid, I’ve always had a soft spot for comics and pop culture, which helped develop my artistic side by exploring various creative mediums. I gave a shot at copywriting, web design, and graphic design, but I knew my real jam was photography as soon as I picked my first camera. One thing led to another, and I also specialized in high-end retouching and worked for some big names like the Marriott and Buffalo Wild Wings, and Apple.

I made the decision to launch Ninjabi Studios in 2012 to better serve the Muslim community in the US and create a safe space where they feel understood and supported. Although I have been living here for such a long time, my culture and heritage never ceased to hold a special place in my heart.

My other love child that first made the name “Ninjabi” popular is my comic which happens to be the first Hijabi series in America. Muslim girls are no strangers to feeling like outsiders, and this project was launched to speak to their experience in a way that was both relatable and hilarious. I’ve always been one to make fun of troubles, and I am bringing the same energy into my photography project.

The only downside of working with me and my team? It’s definitely not good for your expression wrinkles, as you’ll have quite a laugh. But you may end up with a new friend that’s happy to capture your most treasured memories, so I guess that’s a win?

Let’s find out! Schedule your shoot or event, and let’s make sure your most beautiful moments live forever.


Meet Mediha

this is a very old photo before i got married.

Hey there, I’m Abdullah, aka Paki Aladdin, aka my aunt’s right arm, assistant, second shooter, equipment security and personal bodyguard – at least until some Bollywood director calls me up. I am basically the Luna to Mediha’s Sailor Moon.

Jokes aside, I don’t think I could ever leave photography, as it allowed me to express myself creatively. I love seeing the world through a photographer’s eyes because it empowers me to see things in a way that others might not be able to. When I’m behind a camera, I feel comfortable. It’s like free therapy. And I love to make my clients laugh with my silly comments and jokes!

When I’m on set or attending your event, expect to work out your abs by laughing at my dad jokes. I am all about making this as comfortable and relaxed as possible to get those candid shots while having a real good time instead of simply posing for the camera.

In real life, I am a bit of a perfectionist with big ambitions who is aware that a genie in a bottle is pretty difficult to find, so you can find me working and perfecting my skills almost non-stop. I am a down to earth modern day Aladdin if you will.


Meet Abdullah