1. Mica • Branding
  2. Jasmen • Maternity
  3. Racheal • Maternity
  4. Esme • Portraits
  5. H Chaudry  • Mehndi Portraits

Wondering what we are working on, or when you will receive your images?
Well here is our Queue of Projects that we are working on!

Currently Working On

Rommana • Valima (Sept 18)

C Eid • Family Portraits

Queue of Events

  1. Tayyaba • Mehndi (Oct 1)
  2. S Syed • Nikah (Aug 26)
  3. Charaf • Aqiqah (Nov 5)
  4. H Hasan • Engagement Party (Dec 23)
  5. Arifa • Valima (Dec 29)
  6. Chaudry • Nikah Portraits (Dec 30)
Ninjabi Studios asks for a minimum turn-around time of about 4-6 weeks. This might seem like quite a long time to receive your photos, and we agree! However, we take editing your photos very seriously. We will spend an exhaustive amount of time to make sure the images look their best, while also staying true to our style (bright and rich colors, where our whites look close to white, with a touch of environmental influences).

Ninjabi Studios can replicate other styles as well, which should be discussed BEFORE we shoot your photos. We review every single image for consistency and make adjustments where needed. This is a time-consuming process and each photo is edited by Mediha. Because of this, the editing for your particular project might not take 4-6weeks, but to start editing your project may take a few weeks as we finish previous projects.

If you feel you need your images ASAP you are welcome to purchase a faster turn-around time where we outsource the editing to a company that may not be as detail-oriented, but may still be satisfactory for your needs. Ninjabi Studios is just very picky with our quality and maybe pickier than the client.