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Capturing Your Moments In Distinctive Hues With Ninjabi Studios

At Ninjabi Studios, we believe each snapshot holds a unique narrative within its frame. Our editing styles are skillfully designed to amplify this narrative, infusing your pictures with your individual vision. Leveraging our vast experience in crafting edits for notable brands and photographers, we deliver a transformative and memorable touch to your photos.

Luma encapsulates a harmonious dance between light and shadow. Inspired by Nirav Patel's artistry, Luma embraces soft, pastel tones to paint dreamlike visuals with luminescent highlights. It amplifies the natural radiance of your images, giving them an enchanting, surreal feel. This style is the perfect match for natural light, fine art, or intimate portraits, infusing them with tranquility and a touch of poetic elegance. With Luma, each image breathes an ethereal charm, captivating the viewer's gaze.

luma //

For those inclined toward a classic and refined aesthetic, our Preferred style, Clean & Bright, showcases pure whites, robust tones, and a harmonious color symphony. This style brings out the innate allure of the subjects, adhering to an enduring aesthetic charm. While textures are softly muted for an overall smooth appeal, the sharp focus remains intact.

clean & bright (Preferred) //

Crafted for the romantics at heart, our Pastel style imparts a dreamy and mystical aura to your photos. It delicately adorns your photos with soft hues, mellow lighting, and a romantic undertone. This style effortlessly enhances intimate moments and brings out the natural allure of your subjects. With a gentle lean toward cooler tones and a subtle brightness, Pastel gives your photos a light and airy finish.

Pastel (light & airy) //

Designed to infuse your images with an electrifying zest, the Crush style embodies dynamic aesthetics. This style is uniquely tailored to invigorate your photos with a medley of bold colors, striking contrasts, and a dash of cinematic drama.

crush //

Moody is magnetic and evocative and taps into the potency of deep shadows and rich, dark tones. This distinct look crafts a sophisticated, mysterious atmosphere layered with emotional depth and visual storytelling. Its careful play of muted colors and contrasts gives your images a cinematic quality, bringing a sense of introspective wonder to your memories.

Moody //

Radiant is a creative take on a warm and punchy cinematic tone. It’s bold and high contrast, while also retaining a subtle matte finish. It makes skin tones lively and rich, without going too far. Radiant gives you unique, rich tones with warmth, depth, and contrast. This is perfect for stylistic portraits and weddings when you want a unique warm rich look. 

radiant //

Immerse yourself in the dynamic and arresting Ektar style, a distinct aesthetic derived from the famed Kodak Ektar film. This style paints your pictures in vibrant hues and rich tones, striking an exquisite balance between warm and cool shades. The result? A blend of vintage nostalgia and modern flair in every frame.

ektar //

Inspired by the legendary Kodak Gold film, our Gold editing style weaves a narrative of vintage magic into your photos. It enriches your frames with a warm, golden-like aura, a reminder of timeless beauty and a longing for times of old. It's a versatile style that adds a soft, radiant, and natural glow to a wide range of subjects and photos.

gold //

The iconic Fuji 400H film look, celebrated for its elegant and timeless aesthetic, features a soft color palette and strikes a balance between cool and warm tones. Fuji 400H gives your pictures a dream-like quality with a tinge of nostalgia. Exceptional skin tones and enhanced greens and blues all combine to create a serene, romantic composition that is elegant and sophisticated.

fuji400h //

Turn your shots into something special with the timeless film photography tones of our Cinestill-inspired style. This special aesthetic is characterized by warm and romantic tones—it transports your photos back to the era of classic film. Deeply tinted blacks, vibrant and balanced colors, plus a tiny hint of grain come together, perfectly capturing the essence of cinematic storytelling.

cinestill //

Inspired by the well-known Natura film, the aesthetic of the Natura style injects the natural beauty of analog photography and adds a soft, organic touch to your pictures. It's the perfect fit for outdoor scenes bathed in natural light. Natura’s gentle tones, muted colors, and a sprinkle of film-like magic exude a sense of serenity, depth, and authenticity.

Natura //

The Portra 400 style, a popular and recognizable aesthetic, perfectly matches the timeless charm of the acclaimed Kodak Portra 400 film. It provides your frames with a perfect balance of soft, warm tones and a vibrant range of colors. Portra’s flattering skin tones lend a nostalgic yet contemporary feel to your images.

porta400 //

Lotus is inspired by the visionary photographer Nirav Patel. With a dreamlike appearance and soft, muted tones, Lotus focuses on capturing the quiet beauty and subtle details of your precious moments. It paints your photos with delicate pastel hues, creating a whimsical and captivating visual narrative.

lotus //

Unleash a burst of color and intensity with our Chroma style, inspired by Nirav Patel's dynamic work. This bold, vibrant aesthetic is characterized by rich, saturated colors, enhancing and amplifying the natural hues of your images. Its blue-green overall tone makes it ideal for urban environments, street photography, or fashion portraits. Chroma ensures your memories stand out, radiating boldness and making a powerful statement.

chroma //

The Gamma style, another tribute to Nirav Patel's work, introduces an edgy look distinguished by a moody, cinematic feel. It focuses on deepening shadows, creating rich contrasts, and evoking an intense sense of depth. Ideal for storytelling, fashion editorials, and artistic portraits, Gamma crafts images that are bold, impactful, and visually arresting, adding a layer of mystery and emotion to your memories.

gamma //